Sunday, March 04, 2007

Death penalty news

We received the following Action Alert regarding the death penalty in New York State:

Assembly Bill 6007 would create a quick fix to get around the decision of the Court of Appeals for murders of police, correctional officers and for acts of terrorism. New Yorkers by prefer life without parole over the death penalty by a margin of 20%. We have learned that the death penalty costs more than life without parole, risks executing innocent people, is not a deterrent, and prolongs the anguish of victims families.

In a little over a year, 11 innocent New Yorkers have been released from prison with evidence they were wrongfully convicted. That fact alone speaks volumes about the flaws in our state’s criminal justice system. Why open the door to a nightmare???

This bill is pointless grandstanding. The following Assembly members are sponsoring the bill and have chosen to ignore the facts and the wishes of New Yorkers. Please let them know how you feel.

O`Mara, Townsend, Calhoun, Burling, Oaks, Cole, Alfano, Bacalles, Ball, Barclay, Butler, Conte, Crouch, Duprey, Errigo, Finch, Hawley, Kolb, McDonald, McKevitt, Miller, Molinaro, Raia, Reilich, Tedisco, Thiele, Walker

This bill is being advanced by Republicans in the Assembly. All Republican Assembly should be urged to oppose it.

Albany Catholic would suggest that all Assembly members (regardless of party affiliation) be urged to oppose it.