Wednesday, February 14, 2007

About the state comptroller

Last week, our esteemed legislators bucked the recommendations of their own advisory panel and instead chose to make Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli the state Comptroller. Apparently, they had believed that the fix was in to have one of their own selected by the panel, and got really, really miffed when that did not happen. So they rejected all three of the panel’s nominees to pick the person they wanted from the beginning, all the while claiming that they were doing so as their legislative “responsibility” to choose the best person for the job. Some people think anyone who voted for Mr. DiNapoli should be voted out of office. An interesting thought. Albany Catholic does not support or oppose individual candidates, but as you know from previous posts, we have never argued with the view that all members of the state legislature should be replaced.

A list of legislators and their votes on this issue can be found here.