Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Anne Lamont

Public television’s Religion & Ethics Newsweekly this week offers a profile of acclaimed best-selling author Anne Lamott, who describes herself as a left-wing born-again Christian -- with a bad attitude.
While her earlier novels were entertaining chronicles of family strife and questionable behavior, in recent years Lamott’s literary works have detailed the spiritual journey that transformed her life and helped her overcome alcohol abuse, drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, bulimia and self-loathing.In this interview with Kim Lawton, the author discusses her candid and quirky approach to life and her deeply held views on faith. "I don’t find spiritual insight sitting around thinking 'thinkee' thoughts about what it all means and who God is and who shot the Holy Ghost," Lamott observes. "You know, I find God in the utter daily-ness and the utter mess of it all." (Rebroadcast from February 17, 2006)

A transcript of the story is available here.