Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Timothy's Law (update)

Previously we told you about Timothy's Law. Recently the Elmira Star Gazette took up the cause:
So it is with the compromise version of Timothy's Law that passed through a special session of the New York State Senate early this year. The Assembly has not yet considered the measure, but there's time -- and no good reason not to act.

For those who have lost track of the many legislative initiatives named after victims, this law is named after 12-year-old Timothy O'Clair, a Schenectady boy who committed suicide after his parents fought for years to get him adequate mental health care. The family's insurance coverage was limited, and the last-minute desperate attempt to get Timothy care by relinquishing custody to the state proved too late.

No family -- no one -- should find themselves in such a position or have to make such a choice.

You can learn more here. Albany Catholic urges you to contact your Assemblyperson today. You can do so by going to the website of the New York State Catholic Conference and clicking on the Take Action icon at the bottom right side of the page.