Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Less pork for us?

Liz Benjamin of the Times Union, who happens to be one of our favorite bloggers, notes that State Assemblyman Tom Kirwin plans to introduce legislation to prohibit lawmakers from providing member items (ie: pork) to organizations that either pay or employ the legislators themselves or their ‘blood-related family.”
“The justification for this legislation is that in the past we have seen member item money go to organizations of which members of the legislature are employees,” Kirwin said in a press release.

“We have seen money go to organizations where the member’s spouse was employed. We have seen member item money given to organizations that donate huge amounts of money to a member’s campaign.”

Liz notes: The likelihood of Kirwin himself getting a bill of this nature through is next to zero, given his minority member status. Albany Catholic recommends that our readers contact their elected representatives in Albany to support this important piece of legislation. You can learn more here.