Monday, June 12, 2006

Timothy's Law

The New York State Catholic Conference is asking for your help.
The 2006 legislative session has only a few days left. Please take action today to see that Timothy’s Law is enacted before the legislature ends its business for the year. This important legislation would establish that coverage for mental health and chemical dependence services must be on par with physical health benefits under insurance plans. The Assembly has overwhelmingly passed Timothy’s Law (A2912A/Tonko) but to date the Senate has not acted on it.

Health insurance plans and health maintenance organizations frequently limit access to behavioral health services by restricting the number of visits and/or requiring higher co-payments than required for access to general health services. The case of Timothy O’Clair, a Schenectady boy who committed suicide in his home after not getting adequate mental health treatment due to lack of coverage, clearly illustrates the ultimate cost that barriers to treatment can exact.

You can take action here.