Saturday, May 16, 2009

Climate change

First of all, thanks to those who inquired about our absence from the scene. We are back now and ready to continue.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good is a lay Catholic organization that promotes increased awareness of Catholic Social Teaching through the media and provides opportunities for Catholics and citizens of good will to advance the common good in the public square. They send along the following:

What does climate change have to do with the common good? A lot. The current environmental crisis affects us all, but especially those enduring poverty. Whether our neighbors here and around the world live in lands subject to erosion, can only afford to inhabit polluted areas or do not have the economic means to protect themselves from ecological calamities, the most vulnerable among us are profoundly affected by the global environmental crisis.

As people of faith called to be good stewards of God's creation, we must ensure that our elected officials make political and economic choices that reflect proper care for the earth and respect the dignity of all people.

Help make a difference. Learn more about how you can take action to protect the environment and give voice to the particular needs of "the least among us." Check out the links to the following organizations and start making your voice heard. And be sure to share this email with 10 of your friends!

Franciscan Campaign on Climate Change is organizing Franciscan and Franciscan-hearted persons (people who are inspired by the witness and example of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi) to participate in the Catholic Climate Covenant. Right now they are organizing Congressional visits over the Memorial Day Recess. All are welcome to participate.

Catholic Climate Covenant
is an effort supported by more than a dozen Catholic organizations to increase the visibility of the Church in addressing climate change. They are encouraging organizations, parishes, families and individuals to take the St. Francis Pledge to pray, learn, assess, act and advocate.

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
is working to raise greater awareness about the connections between our economic choices and environmental consequences. Maryknoll is taking action to bring sustainability to both areas of our life with a particular emphasis on caring for persons who are poor.