Monday, September 01, 2008

Employee Free Choice Act

Writing in the Voices of Faith column in Saturday's Times Union, Bill Peltz, a member of the Executive Committee of the Labor-Religion Coalition of the Capital District, states:
To mark Labor Day every year, the coalition picks one issue as its advocacy focus for Labor Day for its Labor in the Pulpits/on the Bimah/in the Minbar program.

This year, it's the proposed Employee Free Choice Act, which is aimed at removing what organized labor sees as obstacles to union organizing that have developed during recent decades.

Naturally, it's a contentious issue. Business groups attack the bill for doing away with the secret ballot for workers' votes on union recognition. Labor groups support it as a way to repair what they consider to be employer domination of the broken ballot process. Adult study groups and peace and justice committees are good forums to debate the pros and cons of the legislation. Those who agree with it might want to sign a postcard of support as part of the national coalition's campaign.

For this Monday and for all of September as an extended Labor Month, we ask you to pray for working people, especially low-wage earners and those who are exploited, both at home and abroad. Ask questions about how workers are treated. Speak up in support of working people who are seeking respect and a voice in their work.

Contact the coalition's coordinator, Marjorie DeVoe, at 482-5595 or for a speaker and information on the Employee Free Choice Act. We'll be distributing and collecting the postcards for the rest of the year to give to the new president in January.

Albany Catholic suggests you read the entire column here and then make arrangements for a speaker at your parish.