Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Director for the New York State Fair Trade Coalition

Seeking Director for the New York State Fair Trade Coalition

The New York Fair Trade Coalition
(NYFTC) seeks an Executive Director to further the policy and political goals of our organization. The qualified candidate will have the skills to grow and maintain the NYFTC, including a background in areas of policy issue advocacy, coalition building, fundraising, media relations and grassroots lobbying.

This leader will establish and maintain effective external relations with member groups, strategic allies, potential stakeholders and government officials. He or she will have overall responsibility for the implementation of activities within the organization. The Executive Director reports to the CTC Director and NYFTC executive committee.

This position was formerly set at half-time, with an annual salary of $18,000. With proper commitment, fundraising and growth, this position could move to $3000 per month, or a $36,000 annual full time job. Salary range starts at $1500 per month. Payment structure and location are both negotiable.

The deadline for applications is August 11th, 2008 or until position is filled. To apply, please mail, email or fax a resume and one page cover letter to Andy Gussert. No phone calls please.

Contact Information:

Andrew Gussert
Director, Citizens Trade Campaign
PO Box 77077
Washington, DC 20013

Fax: 202-293-5308

The NYFTC is a state affiliate of the Citizens Trade Campaign, and will serve as a leading state advocacy vehicle in the fight against unfair trade policies based on NAFTA and CAFTA.

About CTC:

CTC was founded in 1992 to oppose the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Our labor, environmental, family farm, religious and civil society groups are united in a common belief that international trade is not an end in itself, but is instead a means for achieving larger societal goals such as economic justice, human rights, healthy communities and a sound environment. We oppose current trade agreements tilted in favor of multinational corporations, and support fair trade policies that help working people.


Responsibilities include grassroots lobbying and public education; developing and maintaining membership; coalition building; fundraising; event planning; media work, including editorial board meetings, writing op-eds and planning press conference; public speaking; financial oversight, and all administrative duties associated with running a non-profit organization.

This position requires a self-starter and creative problem-solver, motivated by the issues, able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Duties Include:

Coordinate New York work with the Citizens Trade Campaign. Annually attend one Citizens Trade Campaign summit for state coalition leaders in Washington DC.
Nurture and maintain a NYFTC Executive Board.
Organize and implement campaigns on trade legislation at the federal and state levels.

Build the coalition, including outreach to labor unions and other organizations.
Maintain contact with New York Congressional Delegation on trade issues.
Generate newspaper stories, op-eds, radio coverage and media visibility.
Prepare monthly membership e-newsletter. Send action alerts as needed.
Build public actions including rallies, town hall forums, call-in days, etc.
Oversee fundraising for the Coalition from member organizations and other sources.
Convene monthly or quarterly NYFTC steering committee meetings.
Create annual strategic plan, in consultation with the steering committee and CTC.

Job Requirements:

Demonstrated leadership skills
High level of initiative, ability to work efficiently
Previous experience with community/union organizing; understanding of organized labor
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Experience with Microsoft Office applications
Must own car and be willing to travel
Willingness to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends