Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ad Watch

Today's Times Union has the first of an occasional feature on the ads that our politicians run. The first deals with Sandy Treadwell's ad accusing Kirsten Gillibrand of voting "to impose the largest tax increase in history." The TU reports:
Analysis: Treadwell's ad misrepresents the facts. Gillibrand did not vote to impose "the largest tax increase in history" during June's roll call vote No. 382, referenced in the ad. Gillibrand voted to support a non-binding budget resolution, which serves as a blueprint for how Congress will appropriate money moving forward.

As part of the budget resolution, Congress made the assumption that most of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts passed under the Bush administration will be allowed to expire in 2011. The expiration has been included in every budget resolution since the cuts went into effect.

There is more to this story, which Albany Catholic recommends you read, here.

Albany Catholic knows Sandy, and has great respect for him and his work, which makes this advertisement more than a little disappointing. We will keep you posted on Ms. Gillibrand's ads as reports develop.