Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Second Week of Christmas

From our friends at Pax Christi:
Pax Christi USA is encouraging its members, friends and all people of conscience and good will to undertake one specific action for peace during each week of Advent/Christmas. For each week, Pax Christi USA will suggest one coordinated action in which individuals and groups from around the nation may participate together. This week's action encourages you and your group to make resolutions for the new year which uphold the values of your commitment to justice and peace in our world.

You can make such resolutions personally or in public, asking friends and families members to hold you accountable to them. You may also want to articulate resolutions for your Pax Christi local or campus group, family, parish, school, religious community, etc. Consider writing out these resolutions and including them in some deliberate way when you meet together (posting them on the wall in your meeting space, using them in your communal prayer, etc.)

Undertaking New Year's resolutions in this manner can also help to highlight your commitment to justice and peace within your families and among your friends, encouraging them to also incorporate socially- conscious themes in their resolutions.

There are literally thousands of good ideas out there for you to consider: a commitment to alternative transportation; tax resistance; ongoing vigils or actions for peace; support of fair trade coops, organic agriculture, small farms and farmers' markets; becoming a sustainer of an organization like Pax Christi USA; using your writing skills to highlight issues in your local papers; supporting local campaigns for justice led by impoverished communities or communities of color; daily prayers for peace; etc. Be as creative as you like, remembering that your commitment is for the long haul.

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