Sunday, October 14, 2007

Contact Congress To Help Farm Workers Fight for AgJobs

Farm workers do the hardest, most difficult jobs other workers don’t want. Their sweat and sacrifice help feed this nation. Yet, they are faced with fear and intimidation because many employers use the threat of deportation to ensure their silence. By fighting to pass AgJOBS, you can help the farm workers who feed this nation come out of the shadows.

AgJOBS (S. 340/H.R. 371) would allow undocumented farm workers to earn the right to permanently stay in this country by continuing to work in agriculture. AgJOBS was negotiated by the United Farm Workers and the agricultural industry and enjoys broad bipartisan support.

The United Farm Workers, a coalition of farm worker organizations, and the agricultural industry have been working diligently to ensure that AgJOBS passes this year. They have worked hard to ensure congressmembers hear the workers' story and understand the urgent need for AgJobs.

You can take action here.