Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Food Stamp Challenge

Some elected legislators at the local and national level are taking the "Food Stamp Challenge" to raise awareness of hunger and what they say are inadequate benefits for food stamp recipients.

In New York City:
The food stamp diet left City Councilman Eric Gioia so hungry he wolfed down his week's rations in only five days - and was forced to go to a Queens food pantry.

The Queens Democrat lined up at the Queensbridge center for emergency supplies yesterday after being left with only a few English muffins.

"The food stamps have run out, the cupboards are bare, but the hunger pangs don't go away," he said outside the Center of Hope International.

"People on food stamps in that position have no other option but to go to the food pantry."
In Washington, D.C.:
Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) stood before the refrigerated section of the Safeway on Capitol Hill yesterday and looked longingly at the eggs.

At $1.29 for a half-dozen, he couldn't afford them.

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