Sunday, May 06, 2007

A new book

Readers of this blog knows that we at Albany Catholic like to refer people to the TV show Religion & Ethics Newsweekly. Now we are pleased to report that there is a book from this fine program. As Religion News Service reports:
A new book based on interviews from the PBS program Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly finds a spiritual hunger beneath the secular veneer of modern culture, with many searching for something beyond the material world.

The Life of Meaning (Seven Stories Press) was edited by the show's executive editor and host, Bob Abernethy, and longtime journalist William Bole. Essays in the book were drawn from interviews conducted by Abernethy, who founded the show 10 years ago after four decades as an NBC correspondent, and by other Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly correspondents and producers.

Bole has written for many publications, including the Washington Post, Commonweal magazine and the Century.

The book groups essays into such sections as "The Meaning Makers," "Evil and Suffering," "Prayer and Meditation" and "Paths up the Mountain." Filled with ideas of people from scientists to writers, the book dismantles the myth that postmodern thinking offers little room for faith.

"A lot of people have this feeling that there is something more," said Abernethy.

The rest of the story is here.