Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Previously, we told you how the Times Union won its suit to have the leaders of our state legislature comply with the law and reveal how some of their pork barrel spending is allocated. Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno has said he will comply with the court decision, but Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has yet to tell us whether he will comply or appeal to a higher court. Today’s editorial in the TU states:
For Mr. Silver to continue to hold back on the details of member item spending, especially when Mr. Bruno is quite ready to comply with the court order, will give credence to those who wonder if he has something unseemly to hide. Is there, beneath the long list of Assembly-sponsored member items for volunteer fire departments, cultural endeavors and other community projects, something that Mr. Silver doesn't want the public to know about?

We at Albany Catholic wonder if Mr. Silver is waiting for some sign from the public as to what he should do. If so, we urge you to contact him today and urge him to release the information – now. You can call his office in Albany at 455-3791.

And it would not hurt if your called your own Assemblyperson and asked him or her to do the same.