Thursday, November 30, 2006

Courage to Resist

Courage to Resist is a group of concerned community members, veterans and military families “that supports military objectors to illegal war and occupation and the policies of empire.” The group is calling for public action on December 8-10 to support “GI Resistance and GI Rights.”
It's time for us to escalate public pressure and action in support of the growing movement of thousands of courageous men and women GI’s who have in many different ways followed the their conscience, upholding international law, taking a principled stand against unjust, illegal war and occupation and stood up for their rights. Widespread public support and pressure will help create true support for courageous troops facing isolation and repression, and help protect their civil liberties and human rights. We call for the following:1) Support for War Objectors 2) Protect the Right to Conscientious Objection 3) Protect the Liberties & Human Rights of GI's 4) Sanctuary for War Objectors. We urge you to join us December 8-10th for a weekend of action in supportof GI Resistance and GI Rights!

You can learn more here.