Thursday, October 26, 2006

More on the voter guide

Bishop William Murphy of the Diocese of Rockville Center comments on the voters guide issued by the New York State Catholic Conference:
All of us have an obligation and responsibility as citizens to vote and to be well informed on the issues as we reach a decision on our choices for various state offices. As Catholics we are blessed to have the principles of Catholic social teaching to inform and guide us as we reflect on our political choices.
. . .
My hope is that all who read this column will consult the Voter Guide itself for the answers to the questions by the candidates who are presenting themselves to you. Included in that hope is a firm conviction, both as a citizen and as a Catholic, that everyone should exercise his or her responsibility to vote. All of us should do so informed not only about the positions of the candidates but also on the extent to which their positions are consonant with natural moral reasoning, are reflective of the truths enunciated in Catholic social teaching and truly advance the real good of every human being and the common good of our society as a whole.

The entire column is available here.