Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sex ed.

Gannett News Service reports the following on efforts to provide sex education in New York:
Advocates will return to the Capitol next year to fight for legislation that would fund "age appropriate and medically accurate" curriculum on sexuality.

"We live to work again another year," said JoAnn Smith, head of Family Planning Advocates, one of the lead groups pushing for the law. In New York, sex education is not required.
. . .
The New York State Catholic Conference says students should receive a consistent message that abstinence is best and not have that watered down by information on contraception, spokeswoman Kathleen Gallagher has said.

The entire article can br read here.

The New York State Catholic Conference here states it position, of which we quote just a portion:
Sexual abstinence is the most effective of action for our nation's youth. Indeed, abstinence is perfectly natural, and is practiced and promoted in connection with many spheres of life. Society tells young people to abstain from smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs. Yet, the media often serves up a contrary message in which premarital sex is accepted and promiscuity is touted as the norm. Sadly, our young people are too often provided the utterly irresponsible message that restraint in sexual matters is not expected.