Friday, June 30, 2006

It bears repeating

We got an e-mail from a reader in Binghamton who read about us on a blog in California. Who knew there were readers besides you and me? Anyway, they thanked us for our June 20 posting about aid for victims of Hurricane Katerina. We figured it was worth repeating, keeping in mind that many people in our area also need help now. Because the need is so great, we should not think about giving to one area and not the other, but finding a way to give more to both.

Here is the earlier post:
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Task Force has called upon the Catholic Church Extension Society to coordinate a Parish Partnership Program to assist the parishes in the Gulf Coast dioceses that were affected by the hurricanes.

This program will provide a clearinghouse or central point of contact for connecting these Gulf Coast parishes with parishes across the country that wish to help in the process of recovery and rebuilding -- whether it's a one-time gift, or a long-term commitment.

In the months that have passed since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast region, 273 parishes in 106 dioceses across the country have joined Catholic Church Extension Society's Parish Partnership Program to establish partnering relationships with parishes that suffered severe damage.

To learn how you and your parish can help, go here.