Thursday, April 13, 2006

God or the girl?

Always fraught with difficult choices, the call to the Catholic priesthood becomes a mini-drama of men struggling within themselves and within an increasingly secularized world in the A&E network series "God or the Girl," which begins Easter Sunday.
"It's going to put a human face on the priesthood," said Joe Adair, one of the four men whose struggles are chronicled in the reality TV series. "It's going to show four guys who are pretty normal guys with relationships, family. Guys who aren't losers. It's going to show a real struggle that people have."

Indeed, the young men in the A&E five-part series are all-American fellows. They're intelligent and bright with diverse interests and multiple talents. Each — in different ways — fits the profile of the sort of men church leaders usually say they want to attract to the Roman Catholic priesthood.

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