Sunday, April 09, 2006

Feeling creative?

Help Old Chatham Quaker Meeting design a billboard for peace.

The Outreach, Peace and Justice Committee of Old Chatham Quaker Meeting is looking for people of all faiths and all ages to offer firm, loving, messages for a just peace. Appropriate original images next to words may be used.

Our country is currently waging war and engaging in torture. A number of prominent Christian leaders support these acts. Yet Christian teaching does not. We recognize the urgent need for eloquent voices to state the truth as Jesus taught. Torture is wrong. Lies formulated to justify war are an abomination. Violence will not bring a just peace nor establish freedom.

Are you able to express in 10 or fewer words the conviction that current American practices of torture, aerial bombardments, and spending far more on making war than helping the poor are morally wrong?

We wish to use the design judged most effective to bring a message of peace and integrity on a billboard in Columbia County. Submissions are due by June 15, 2006 and should be sent to OPJ, Old Chatham Quaker Meeting, 524 Pitt Hall Rd., Old Chatham, NY 12136 or emailed to

Contact: Bob Elmendorf 518-766-2992

April 8, 2006