Sunday, October 01, 2006

Now hiring

Executive Director Job Announcement, Citizens' Environmental Coalition

Citizens' Environmental Coalition (C.E.C.), based in Albany, N.Y., seeks a dynamic Executive Director for 23-year-old not-for-profit that advocates on toxic waste remediation and pollution prevention. Applicants should possess proven environmental, communication, fundraising, and administrative skills. Salary: $45K. Good Benefits / retirement. C.E.C. is an equal opportunity employer. Send credentials in confidence to C.E.C. Transition Advisory Committee, 119 Washington Avenue, Albany, N.Y. 12210. Fax: 519-465-8349. Email: jobsearch@cectoxic. org

Experience working in minority/low income neighborhoods with environmental justice/health issues a plus.

CEC (www.cectoxic. org) was founded in 1983 by people living with the legacy of toxic pollution. They were united in the belief that no child should be born with toxic chemicals in their body, and began to use their collective grassroots power to influence statewide policy, with a mission to eliminate toxic pollution from homes, workplaces, schools and communities by empowering people. Twenty-three years later, CEC has grown into 110 community, labor, faith-based, youth, health and environmental groups and over 14,000 individuals throughout New York State with offices in Albany and Buffalo. We serve as the nexus of local communities, statewide policy discussions and national collaborations.

CEC's mission is to:
Eliminate pollution in New York State and create safe, healthy communities, schools and workplaces through pollution prevention;
Empower, educate and assist people concerned about environmental problems;

Promote democratic, grassroots advocacy to restore New York's environment;

Strengthen the connection from the grassroots to the statehouse and build effective coalitions; and Promote corporate accountability and non-violent social justice values.

Some of the duties of the ED include:

1) Fundraising: The ED is responsible for developing and implementing a board-approved plan to meet CEC's annual income goals and maintain adequate cash reserves. The ED is responsible for obtaining funds from foundation grants and supervising CEC's Door and Phone Canvasses, Major Donor Campaign and annual appeal.

2) Advocacy: The ED advocates policy reforms and coordinates campaigns on pollution and environmental health problems, such as the Alliance for Toxic Free Future, hazardous waste/substances, Persistent, Bioaccumulative Toxins, groundwater pollution, toxic emissions, labor & environmental justice and CAFOs.

3) Citizen Assistance: The ED responds to citizens and local groups requesting help and information on environmental problems with information, assistance, support, guidance and expert referrals.

4) Coalition-Building: The ED facilitates networking among citizens, groups, experts and others working on CEC priority environmental problems and facilitates democratic and participatory coalitions on CEC priority issues.

5) Publication Clearinghouse/ Media: The ED is responsible for conducting public education; conducting media outreach; and coordinating CEC speaking engagements. The ED is the Editor of CEC's quarterly Toxics In Your Community Newsletter.