Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hunger Monday

The Hunger Action Network has big plans for Monday.
Join Us for Hunger Action Network’s Annual Meeting, Monday, September 18th in Albany

We hope you will join us for our upcoming Annual Meeting and Conference to be held on Monday, September 18th in Albany. This year’s meeting will focus on how to build a stronger hunger movement, starting with raising the welfare grant for the poorest of the poor. We will also discuss other economic security initiatives, such as universal health care, community food security, and job creation.

Our keynote speaker will be Professor William DiFazio who will be speaking on his recent book Ordinary Poverty: A Little Food and Cold Storage. In this trenchant and groundbreaking work, DiFazio presents the results of welfare reform—from ending entitlements to diminished welfare benefits -- through the eyes and voices of those who were most directly affected by it. Ordinary Poverty concludes with a program to guarantee universal rights to a living wage as a crucial way to end poverty. Ultimately, DiFazio articulates the form a true poor people's movement would take -- one that would link the interests of all social movements with the interests of ending poverty.

You are welcome to attend as a Hunger Action member and supporter, a coalition member, a citizen advocate, or simply as an interested individual. We especially encourage low-income individuals to attend and share their insights.

Albany Catholic recommends that your visit the Hunger Action website here for more information.