Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sunday morning TV

Following is a brief outline of the stories Religion & Ethics Newsweekly will be covering this week. Every Friday evening, new stories are uploaded to the Web site here.

Perspectives: Ethical and Religious Perspectives on Mid-East Conflict
Religious leaders and faith groups around the world continue to voice grave concerns about the spiraling conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Hezbollah. Lebanon's political and religious leaders have urged unity in the face of the escalating attacks, while Pope Benedict XVI called for an end to the fighting and urged protection of holy sites.

Feature: The Jesuits
Now it is one of the largest religious orders in the Catholic Church, with more than 20,000 Jesuits serving the Church in 112 nations on six continents. Judy Valente looks at the legacy of St. Ignatius, reflected in the mission and work of today's Jesuits. According to Father William J. Byron, S.J., "We are men of faith, but we're also men of the world ... doing worldly things to the extent that that's what God wants."