Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A question of justice

The Question of Justice production team is in the midst of filming the feature length documentary, A Question of Justice. This film shows the lives of four ordinary men who faced extraordinary challenges and made heroic choices.
... what if one morning you awoke to the realization your brother was a serial murderer?

David Kaczynski turned in his brother, the Unabomber, to authorities.

... how would you recover after having half your face blown away by a bomb sent by an unknown assailant?

Gary Wright, the 11th victim of the Unabomber survives to faces his perpetrator.

... could you cope with trying to save your mentally ill brother’s life, only to see him killed?

Bill Babbitt sacrificed his younger brother’s life for the greater good.

... how might you respond after watching a news report on a building destroyed by a terrorist, realizing it was where your only daughter worked?

Bud Welch claimed his daughter’s body from the rubble of the Oklahoma City bombing.

What brings these four men together is a story about overcoming tremendous personal pain and loss; yet it is more than a testament to the human spirit in overcoming tragedy-- it is a roadmap to tapping into the strength of compassion and depth of healing that can be found in each one of us.

To learn how you can help make this project a reality, and to see a trailer, go here.