Tuesday, July 11, 2006


NETWORK, the Catholic social justice lobby, says that fair trade puts human rights first:
Last month, NETWORK members joined millions of religious, labor, human rights, consumer, environmental, business and family farmers who urged Congress to oppose the passage of the Oman Free Trade Agreement (OFTA). Your efforts have begun to pay off. 34 Senators voted against OFTA, despite significant pressure from multinational corporations. This is a sign of growing opposition to NAFTA-model trade agreements which accelerate job loss in this country and have negative effects on our trading partners. Citizens and members of Congress are awakening to the importance of free trade that is fair trade.

OFTA contains the same provisions as the Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and most recent free trade agreements. Like CAFTA, its provisions pit corporate America against our trading partners. OFTA does not guarantee strong labor standards or solid environmental protections; it hampers access to needed medicines, especially for victims of HIV/AIDs; and it fails to focus on improved living conditions. So, again it is time to act!

Now that the Senate has voted on OFTA, a full House vote is possible sometime this week. E-mail your congressperson today urging opposition to the passage of the Oman Trade Agreement here.