Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Evangelist

Here is a story from this week's Evangelist:
In competition with Catholic newspapers across the U.S., The Evangelist has won five national prizes for excellence in journalism.

The awards were handed out at the annual convention of the Catholic Press Association, which represents Catholic newspapers and magazines.

Do people have any idea what a wonderful newspaper we have in this diocese? It gets awards every year. Every year. That is an incredible accomplishment. We have read diocesan papers in other parts of the country that serve mostly as ways of getting the local bishop’s picture in print. Here, we have a real treasure that provides interesting articles, great photography, and valuable information.

It has been said that the value of any diocesan paper is in inverse proportion to the number of times the bishop’s picture appears in it. Bishop Hubbard’s picture does not even appear on his monthly column, so by the aforementioned standard, it has great value, which it does. We always are amazed to talk to local Catholics who say either they do not get The Evangelist or get it and do not read it. What a waste.