Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Some news coverage

A short time ago, we told you about Cover the Uninsured Week. The Legislative Gazette had two stories on events that happened last week. The first one, which mentioned Bishop Howard Hubbard, is here:
Bishop Howard Hubbard and Fidelis Care held a press conference last Wednesday in recognition of national Cover the Uninsured Week, in an effort to call attention to the more than 100,000 uninsured people in the Capital Region and the many more throughout the state.
. . .
“Even one person being uninsured is one too many,” Hubbard said. “It’s a matter of justice.”

The other article is here:
Religious leaders joined with the Faith and Hunger Network last Thursday to call on the Legislature to provide health care for all of New York’s residents by creating a state commission on universal health care.

Nearly 46 million Americans and three million New Yorkers are uninsured, according to the groups, who came to Albany as part of national Cover the Uninsured Week.

Interesting reading, we think.