Thursday, May 25, 2006

Churches and war

The Saratogian newspaper reports here on a panel or clerical leaders of local churches who were challenged by several members of the audience for not speaking out against the Iraq war. The panel included the Rev. Holly Nye, United Methodist Church; Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein, Temple Sinai; Imam Djafer Sebkhaoui, Muslin Community of Troy; the Rev. Joseph Tizio, St. Clement's Roman Catholic Church; and the Rev. Adam Wiegand, St. Paul's Lutheran Church.
Both Nye and Tizio had introduced their denomination's Christian viewpoint in terms of how Jesus Christ taught people to turn the other cheek. Tizio also went into detail about how both former Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict XVI had denounced the war in Iraq as "unjust," especially when it came to the doctrine of pre-emption.

"My church is against it. I am against it. But I haven't spoken against it," Tizio said. "The challenge that you have made is well taken."

Has anyone spoken out against the war in your church? Is this one of the greatest issues of the day? Why are the pulpits silent? Here's an idea. At church this weekend, ask your priest or deacon to speak out against the war.