Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wish we’d known this sooner

Today’s Times Union reports that the Rev. Peter G. Young will be honored with the Interfaith Alliance Rev. Robert Lamar Humanitarian Award tonight (Thursday) at the Albany County Country Club.

"My theme for 48 years has been don't incarcerate, rehabilitate," Young said, stressing that he makes people take accountability for their actions.

Young said his greatest challenge is making sure there is enough money to keep his programs running.

"Challenging would be to try to keep up economics of our 94 operations," Young said, who estimates it takes millions to keep each facility up and running. He said he uses local, state and federal funding to keep things afloat.

Ed Bloch, director of the Interfaith Alliance, said a committee, in addition to a number of advisers, selected Young for the award.

One thing we do know about, however, is the Governor’s annual prayer breakfast. But can we get a ticket? Can you? Apparently the invitations went to a select list that does not include us, or you.