Sunday, March 12, 2006

FOILed again

Today's Times Union reports:
Sunshine Week begins today across the United States, a time when newspapers and broadcasters take a look at the current state of government openness. The idea was born in Florida in 2002, championed by that state's news media hoping to spread the access they enjoy.

It is good to have such access. Maybe everyone should take Senator Joe Bruno up on his suggestion that we use FOIL to access records he has:
So this is how government, supposedly representative government, really works in New York. Say you wanted to know how the state Senate actually spends the millions of dollars in discretionary funds formally known as memorandums of understanding, among the governor, Senate majority leader and Assembly speaker, but more commonly known as pork barrel and even slush funds.
. . .
Want answers? Then go fill out a Freedom of Information Law request, or so Mr. Bruno said the other day.

Read the editorial here. With a state drowning in debt, everyone should be asking our politicians -- Republican and Democrat -- how our money is being spent. The good Senator's e-mail is BRUNO@SENATE.STATE.NY.US. Drop him a line today, and let him know Albany Catholic is on the case.