Saturday, March 25, 2006

About this war . . .

The front page of this week’s Evangelist has an article by Kate Blain that begins:

What is the responsibility of a Christian living in a nation involved in a war?

Not to sit quietly, believes Otto Maduro, a professor of World Christianity at Drew University in New Jersey who will speak on "Being a Christian in a Time of War," March 29, 7 p.m., as part of the RPI Chapel & Cultural Center Lenten Speakers Series in Troy.

The full article is here.

Earlier this year, Kevin Clarke, senior editor at U.S. Catholic , noted in the February 2006 of that magazine:

The worst thing about our invasion of Iraq is not that it was unwarranted, not that it distracts from the real war on terror or that it builds bridges to future bloodshed and enmity, not that it diminishes our military and drains our treasury now and far into the future. The worst thing about our misadventure in Iraq is the futility of it, the sameness of it, the dreary, awful, sickeningly familiar waste.

That article is here.